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Jamie Mason MA BEd Hons Printologist for 14 years

I have a lifelong love for drawing, textiles, printing, digital art & arts and crafts in general.

I have a:-
1) Master’s Degree in Art & Design
2) BEd (Hons) degree 2:1
3) and City & Guilds Machine Embroidery

In the last 15 years, I have been working alongside many of the UK’s leading textile artists. I have created a refreshing, accessible and comprehensive range of products, ideas and inspirations to ignite creativity and enhance all levels of textile arts and crafts skills.

Colouricious Holidays [now Aahilya Holidays] was founded by Jamie Mason in 2008, With my passion for block printing and textiles, I created Colouricious to bring fabric arts to a wider audience, to inspire and teach people to create their own textile art by giving them the tools, techniques, skills and know-how. Colouricious also aimed to raise the profile of many leading British textile artists, who also are very talented in their area of expertise.

A highly successful entrepreneur, Jamie Mason, formerly founded and ran The Charterhouse Square School, one of London’s top, independent Prep Schools for twenty-four years. Everyone has something creative in them and I believe finding a creative channel is essential for a happy life for many of us. Whether as a head teacher, a business person or a film producer, I’ve found that bringing out the best in people needs encouragement, inspiration and creativity in equal measures. This is what makes me wake up happy every day.

My drive and mission are to bring the growing world of arts, block printing & textile arts and crafts to a wider audience.
My multi-media approach, producing a variety of DVDs, TV programmes, products and events, has provided my enriched life with wonderful teaching experiences.

I have been a teacher all my working life – nigh on 40 years! From art teacher in a London comprehensive school to primary school teaching in London and East Africa, to adult teaching (the art of block printing ) across the globe. Full of enthusiasm and ideas, I would cherish the opportunity to continue my teaching career – join one of my classes! Will be lovely to share our creativity together.

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