Light Double Duvet Cover




Light Double Duvet Cover

68” × 94” 88″ × 88″ 104″ × 88″
Width, in 68.00 88.00 104.00
Length, in 94.00 88.00 88.00

Light Double Duvet Cover: Created to add a personal touch to any bed, this custom-print duvet cover can accommodate your art and photos on crisply-detailed, edge-to-edge print. Equipped with concealed zipper closure at the bottom for seamless looks, it is available in three sizes: Twin XL (68″ x 94″), Queen (88″ x 88″), and King Size (104″ x 88″).

.: Material: 100% polyester microfiber
.: Comes in 3 sizes
.: Concealed zipper closure
.: One printed side
.: Pillowcases not included
.: Insert not included
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

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Sleep as Light as a Feather with The Block Print Boutique’s Feather Design Duvet Cover

Have you ever dreamt of floating amidst the clouds, feeling weightless and utterly at peace? It’s a sensation many of us desire – a respite from the weight of daily life. While we can’t promise you wings, The Block Print Boutique brings you the next best thing: our Feather Design Duvet Cover, ensuring you sleep as light as a feather, night after night.

Feathers symbolize freedom, delicacy, and ethereal beauty. They inspire a sense of calmness and fun, reminiscent of birds gliding seamlessly across the sky. Now, imagine encapsulating that sensation every time you lay down to rest. Our feather design duvet cover isn’t just a piece of Bedding; it’s an invitation to an unparalleled sleep experience.

The craftsmanship, as always with The Block Print Boutique, stands out. Our artisans, with impeccable precision, capture the intricate details of feathers through the age-old art of block printing. The result? A design that’s both delicate and mesmerizing, transporting you to a realm of dreams and serenity.

But what’s a design without comfort? Our duvet cover, while capturing the feather’s elegance, ensures you are enveloped in pure, luxurious softness. Crafted from the finest fabrics, it’s breathable and cosy – offering the perfect cocoon for your nightly retreat.

Moreover, the feather motif brings an air of sophistication to your space. Its neutral yet intricate design resembles minimalist bedrooms and more opulent settings. It’s a touch of nature, a hint of luxury, and a dash of design brilliance.

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place where the world’s worries fade away. The Block Print Boutique’s Feather Design Duvet Cover is more than just Bedding; it promises restful nights where you drift away, light, accessible, and unburdened, just like a feather carried by a gentle breeze.

Embrace the weightlessness, feel the difference, and transform your sleep. Dive into the dreamy embrace of our Feather Design Duvet Cover today!